Little People

  Mysvous was curious about Grandpa Jones. To her he was a funny little man. Grandpa Jones didn't seem to have it together in his attic. Mysvous thought he was missing a few marbles. He hadn't been in the Jones' home for a good twenty minutes and already he'd caused 
Mrs. Jones to cry.
           Elvira was sleeping soundly and didn't hear the sounds coming from below, but Mysvous did. Tiptoeing down the stairs, Mysvous scurried behind a huge potted plant. Grandpa Jones was looking for something, mumbling to himself. Mysvous wondered the where about of Mr. and Mrs. Jones. Grandpa Jones shouldn't be left alone unsupervised. There's no telling what kind of trouble he could get himself into.
"Luther, I know you're in here somewhere." Grandpa called out.
"You can't fool me Luther." Mysvous peaked around the large potted plant. Grandpa Jones was on his belly crawling. Bosley appeared from out of nowhere.
"Luther!" Grandpa lunged at Bosley, missing him completely, landing in front of Mysvous!
"Oh no!" gasped an astonished Mysvous.
"Where being invaded!" yelled Grandpa Jones.
"There are little spies running around here."
             Elvira sat up in bed as if she'd been struck by lightning. She heard Grandpa's yell. The entire house did. Doors were opening and she could hear footsteps. Alexis came running from one direction, Elvira's parents from another.
            In the mix of commotion, Mysvous slipped away, flanked by Bosley. She was able to get back to Elvira's room and into the dollhouse without being missed.
"Whew!" Mysvous let out a long breath.
"That was a bit too close."
"Little spies?" Elvira said to herself running back to her room. She hurriedly peeped into the Barbie's house and was relieved to see a sleeping Mysvous. Elvira backed away quietly. When Mysvous heard Elvira leave, she sat up in bed.
"T'is a strange family this is." She acknowledged lying back down.
             Elvira ventured down stairs where Grandpa Jones was marching back and forth, than he began to skip, stopped and started marching back and forth again. From somewhere he produced a broom, placed it on his shoulder and started saying,
"One, two, I'm looking for you. Three, four, I'll watch the door. Five, six, little spies are alive. Seven, eight, they won't escape. Nine, ten, I'll sing it again." Grandpa Jones sang, marching around in circles now.
"Fred," Regina Jones called to her husband.
"Is he going to be marching all night?"
"He'll soon tire himself out Regina."
"Mom, I can't sleep now with Grandpa singing." complained Alexis.
"Put a pillow over your head Alexis." Regina Jones said with exasperation. Alexis stomped back to her room muttering to herself,
"Well if he's gonna sing at least he could pick a better song and been on key." Alexis slammed her door.
"Elvira." Called her father,
"Please make sure Bosley stays out of Grandpa's way. Can you please do that for me?"
"Yes. Daddy, I'll keep him in my room."
            Grandpa Jones continued to march and then all of a sudden he started doing jumping jacks, stopped singing and started shouting out names.
"Private Paul Revere, Corporal Benedict Arnold." Mrs. Jones grabbed her husband's head.
"Fred who is he talking too?"
"I don't know Regina."
"Is he going to start hallucinating?" she asked still holding onto her husband's head.
"Regina let go of my head. And again I don't know." Mr. Jones answered pulling away from his wife's grip.
            Mr. and Mrs. Jones sat down to keep an eye on Grandpa. Mrs. Jones noticed he was quiet.
"Fred look! I think he's nodding off standing up." Mrs. Jones nudged her husband.
"Maybe now is a good time to get him into bed." hinted Mr. Jones.
"And lock him in." Regina Jones volunteered.
"I can't do that!" Fred Jones said emphatically.
"I can!" his wife cried heading towards Grandpa Jones's room.
"Regina!" her husband called out halting her.
"Oh all right. I won't." she said annoyed stopping.
            Fred guided Grandpa Jones to his room. Carefully he pried the broom from his hands and gently helped him into bed. Grandpa grumbled something rolling over onto his side.
             The house finally settled down, everyone taking to his or her bed. Elvira kept Bosley in her room and she looked in on Mysvous, who was snoring softly. Finally everyone slept, surviving day one with Grandpa Jones.


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